Lake Union Beat Debuts Staff Writers’ Bookstore

Several of our staff members have written some alarmingly! fine stuff – so we’re posting content links as we get them. Do you want to contribute to the Beat and get in on the fun/action at the same time? email

Final Draft – A Noir thriller set in the shady underworld of Hollywood. By Peter Hansen, […]

Lake Union Beat’s ‘Heart of Seattle’ Columns now available in an Anthology

We love! our print edition newspaper and we LOVE doing our website but we also LOVE new technology and getting people to read any way they will. So we’ve e-booked our Heart of Seattle columns into a delightful Kindle collection called The Heart of Puget Sound. (also available in standard book hardcover on Sept 15 thru […]

Dispatch from Bainbridge Island – Boat Trip

Dispatch from Bainbridge

There’s a popular refrain heard in most resort towns. It’s used by many locals whenever they are asked when they plan to get something done. For example, the car washed, a haircut, dental work, a job, a life, stuff like that.

The refrain goes something like this:


This is especially true […]

A Brief Period of Light

There were only a few balmy nights last summer, the kind that get under your skin, the kind that, if you’re young or young at heart, might seduce you into staying up all night on the beach next to a fire holding the one you are falling in love with. The beach is where […]