Safe Streets Social – Slow ride to honor the fallen and support each other (9/24)

From our friends at the Seattle Bike Blog — the memorial rally is set for this Saturday.

Date: September 24 Time: Meet at 3, ride at 4 Place: South Lake Union Park (Moving Planet will be wrapping up) Route: We will ride to the memorials created for Mike Wang, Brian Fairbrother and Robert Townsend.

The […]

A note from the editor about our upcoming Bike accident tribute issue

Regarding our upcoming Tribute issue for Mike Wang, Robert Townsend, and Brian Fairbrother. We’ve been touched by the response . To clarify deadlines for those of you emailing about that, we want this to be very nice! These men deserve a beautiful job so we do not want rushed stories. But keep in mind that this is […]

Mayor McGinn’s Statement on the Bicycle Accidents

from the Mayor’s blog:

Improving safety and responsibility on our roads

As part of my commute I bike the same route taken on Dexter Avenue by Mike Wang, a 42 year old father of two who worked at PATH. One afternoon, on his ride home just two blocks from his office, he was killed in […]

Lake Union Beat to devote entire next print issue to bike accident victims

Call for Submissions!

Mike Wang, Brian Fairbrother, Robert Townsend. The deaths of these three men might be the catalyst for some real change in our city towards better bicycle and traffic safety, We’d like to honor them with a special print edition and we need your help! Do you have an anecdote, memory, story? to […]

Yet another horrific bike accident off Lake Union results in fatality

With her bike leaned against the lamp post, Erinn Peet-Lukes looks down at the memorial for Robert Townsend, a co-worker at Jimmy John’s who died after colliding with a car in the University District on Saturday.

At the Beat we are lamenting the string of bike tragedies this summer along our lakeshore. This most recent accident […]