Romney Campaign Over! Candidate has “Dead Zone” moment

Our Response to Romney’s reaction to the situations in Egypt and Libya

In the film version of Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone,” a candidate for president is revealed to be the cretin he really is, just before an election that polls showed him certain to win. Faced with an assassin at a rally, he […]

Editors Note: Disingenuous right-wing passion against Health Care reform

The voluminous and spirited reactions from both sides today in response to the Supreme Court decision has us here at the Beat scratching our heads.

On one side are millions of people who feel suddenly less vulnerable, less cast-out, less forgotten by the so-called trickle down theories of the right. These people, whom for […]

South Lake Union Floating Farmer’s Market going strong

Lake Union Floating Market Held aboard the historic steamship Virginia V, the FarmBoat Floating Market at Lake Union Park  runs from 11:00AM to 3:00PM on Thursdays. Local produce, artisan foods and farm fresh lunch.

The Food Issue!

We’re having our own little Bite of Lake Union Festival! Pick up a copy of the July Beat at at one of dozens of locations around the lake. Available Mid-July.

The Perfect place for seafood

Ivar’s is the Place For Fresh Seafood

Ivar’s Salmon House on the shores of Lake Union is the perfect place to enjoy a memorable meal. Alder smoked entrees are prepared in the huge Indian-style barbecue pit. Families can enjoy a casual and elegant meal while looking at all the Northwest native artifacts and historical […]