Driver said he was speeding so he could dry car.

This certainly wouldn’t work in Seattle … and as for this having NOTHING to do with Lake Union, Hey! Can’t we have some fun?


BLACK DIAMOND, Alberta — He was drying off his freshly washed car.

That’s what the Canadian man told the Mounties when they stopped him doing 180 kilometers per hour (112 […]

The alarming Dina Martina returns for the holidays


Dina will surely be the greatest star in the soon-to-be booming Seattle marijuana tourism industry. In fact, I gift this idea to you Ms Martina/Grady:

Your own marijuana cabaret club! Legions of new fans from all over the world will pack that sucker. I guarantee it! You’ll be like the Celine Dion/Vegas thing, […]

Seattle Named Best City For Hipsters

I moved to Seattle at age eleven so grew up thinking this eclectic mashup stuff was just how many Seattle people dressed and looked, never thought of it as a specific fashion really. Same with grunge and all that twenty years ago. It was just another example of what we wore up […]