Editor’s Note Regarding the Hit and Run Death of Mike Wang

Much of the purpose of a community newspaper is community support, and since we were very saddened by the news of the death of a beloved local figure last week in a bicycle accident, we’ve decided to print the following letter to us in its entirety.

 Dear Editor,

I was referred to Lake Union Beat by Noelle Smithhart at the South Lake Union Discovery Center.  I wrote to Noelle to request a special post on the SLU facebook page and she recommended also reaching out to you.

I work for PATH and as I’m sure you have heard, we lost a colleague and friend a week ago in a horrible hit-and-run accident on Dexter and Thomas.  The police are still in search of the driver of the vehicle that hit Mike Wang on his bicycle.

I am wondering if you would be at all open to posting something on the Lake Union Beat site this week, possibly with the description of the vehicle and information on how to help financially if people want to do so? 

Colleagues of Mike’s have been actively working on ways to support both Mike’s family and the search for the driver.  There has been a fund set up for co-workers, friends, and members of the community to donate funds to help his family in these immediate days, weeks, and months following his death (he was the sole income earner for 4 dependents).  A PayPal account has also been set up for easy online donations.  On the Send Money page of PayPal donors can address payments to: mikewang.memorial@yahoo.com.

Additionally, as you may have noticed around the area, posters have been created and hung up describing the vehicle that is still at large.  The latest description of the vehicle is: a mid-1990s to 2000, beige to brown American-made SUV, possibly with tinted windows and a silver luggage rack.

More information on Mike and the accident are at these links: 

Also, if you have any other ideas/recommendations on things that we can do to continue to spread the word, I’d happily welcome them!

Thank you for considering this.  I look forward to reading the Lake Union Beat often!

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