Publisher’s Statement on the Vashon Underbelly Series

Many people familiar with the Vashon situation insisted that we find some third party, some neutral outsider to write an expose’ on the matter, completely objectively. And that would have been preferable, if there were such a person at our immediate disposal. But, as the weeks and months move on, the residual debris continues to mount, and the story pustules. So as the publisher of this newspaper, an endeavor I am enormously proud of, I’ve decided it’s time to lay everything out for all of our readers, and the entire Google world! to see! What is there to lose? In fact, as the joke goes in my circle of friends and family, Google ME!

It’s an incredible story, one that (the pustule thing again) continues to mutate almost on a daily basis here at the paper, and affects me and my family personally. It’s a wakeup call for activism on reining in some of the stuff that is allowed on the internet in the name of freedom of speech,  and a horror story on lynch-mob mentality, the danger of gossip, xenophobia, jealousy, small town drug dealing, tribal loyalties, and fear.

……….This story to be continued during the month of September 2011, as events transpire.

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