Welcome to The Essential Baking Company – An organic, artisan bakery

You should know right upfront: We’re fussy. Fussy about taste, the texture of our bread, the flakiness of our pastry, the richness of our desserts, and preserving the time-honored techniques of baking. And don’t even get us started about the importance of the pureness of what we put into our bodies or our impact on the environment. We’re fussy.

Others talk about natural ingredients but we figure “why mess around?” so we’re certified organic.

Our cafes still make soup from scratch and make your salad or sandwich to order.

Seven days a week, our drivers set out in the wee hours of the morning to begin delivering so we’re assured that you’ll be eating breads and pastries just made.

You can find us at select grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops and, of course, our cafes. We warmly invite you to be fussy and will greet you enthusiastically because we care too.

Wallingford Café

Our Wallingford café is nestled in a brick building with a long baking past. Originally the building was the site of a family bakery, the Buchan Bakery. It then became site of an Orowheat Bakery and finally ours. When you come for a visit, look for pictures of the Buchan Bakery’s distribution fleets, including a Model T fleet.

On your visit, you’ll also experience a wide selection of our breads, pastries, and desserts. Not just a coffee house, our cafes serve made-to-order sandwiches, salads, crepes and house-made soups. Everything is made fresh, from scratch and using many local and organic ingredients.

True to the Seattle Coffee Mecca heritage, we serve select fair-trade, organic espresso and teas, and a selection of fresh juices and natural sodas. The coffee is freshly roasted and our very own Baker’s Blend; you can pick up a bag of beans to enjoy at home, too.

Wine and beer are also available and make the café a terrific spot for winding-down from a busy day.

Catering services are available for your next event or luncheon, and we always accept special order breads, pastries, or desserts for special occasions. The café is also available to rent for private parties. And every month the walls are adorned with creations from local artists. Give the café manager a call to get more information for your catering needs or to show your art.

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