Dispatch from Bainbridge Island – Boat Trip

Dispatch from Bainbridge

There’s a popular refrain heard in most resort towns. It’s used by many locals whenever they are asked when they plan to get something done. For example, the car washed, a haircut, dental work, a job, a life, stuff like that.

The refrain goes something like this:


This is especially true in sport resort towns like Vail, where I spent a few years, and Margaritaville places like Key West, where I also lived. There’s a reason alternative types live in these towns and it’s not for the money.

So I cut some slack to those afflicted with the mañana syndrome here on Bainbridge. While not technically a resort town, we certainly live in an unusual place and, well, maybe moseying on down to the beach with the dog might not be a bad idea. Work can wait right?

And wait it does, for the disheveled young man I hired to help me for the summer. He was due at 1 pm his first day and showed up at 2, looking as if he’d been thru the washing machine without any soap or water.

I should have seen this coming when he’d produced a four-page resume of 24 one-month jobs dating back to his dishonorable discharge from the Army. But who was I to judge? Would it hurt to give the kid a break? It’s kind-of a crappy job anyway, being that it’s a job picking up dog crap

So I hired him, even after he lifted a bottle of liquor (a customer had brought as a tip) from my desk and only half-jokingly asked if he could have it.

“Well, no,” I’d said, “but after work maybe a beer?”

“Nah, only drink the hard stuff.” He’d replied.

Still, the first abbreviated day seemed to go okay, and just when I was thinking maybe he’d last for a few days or weeks he asked for the next day off.

That would be day two of his workweek.

Seems his friend had a newly acquired AK-47 and he wanted to go “mess around” with it.

And could he have an advance?

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