Greetings from the Heart of Seattle

Editor’s Note
Welcome to the first edition of the Lake Union Beat. As longtime lake lovers we hope to inform and amuse residents and workers, and tip the uninitiated to the joys and eccentricities of the unique communities surrounding (and even on) this hybrid body of water.
It’s a place that is both a natural conduit to the rest of the world, with an almost frontier feel to its marinas and sea industry, and the core of a world-class city, with all of the urban talent and sophistication that (em) powers it.
Indeed, cosmopolitan South Lake Union itself, with its celebrity companies, could probably generate enough copy for its own community newspaper. But we think Westlake, Eastlake, Fremont, Northlake, and Wallingford are stars in their own right.
A young California visitor to my home, near Gasworks Park, was forever sold on Seattle, and Lake Union in particular, upon discovering that the world’s largest playground equipment had been built just for 7-year-old kids like him! And who would deny him that that is exactly how Gasworks Park appears, and was perhaps even developed with him in mind?
It might sound pretentious to say Lake Union itself is a playground; much of it seethes under workaday stress of course. But it would be fair to say its uses straddle our dual lives. As a representation of Seattle’s world-renowned image of mixing business with outdoor pleasure, Lake Union is at the heart of the matter.
And on that “heartfelt” note, and not entirely by coincidence, enjoy our inaugural edition, the Valentines Day Love Issue.

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