South Lake Union pedestrians get light, crosswalk at much-used spot on Denny Way

Seattle Department of Transportation Director Scott Kubly and spokeswoman Mafara Hobson cross Denny Way at Terry Avenue North on Tuesday morning, just after the activation of a traffic light at the intersection that typically has been a magnet for crossing pedestrians. That’s The Seattle Times headquarters just up the hill. (Christine Clarridge / The Seattle Times)

Some brazen South Lake Union pedestrians who have felt the urge to cross Denny Way in the middle of a perilous block have a small but significant reason to celebrate.

The installation of a new traffic light and crosswalk was completed Tuesday morning at Terry Avenue North, meaning pedestrians will no longer have the temptation to take their lives in their hands to cross an unprotected intersection on Denny Way between Boren and Westlake avenues.

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