Upcoming events of interest to Eastlakers include two this week downtown at Town Hall


The Eastlake Community Council alerts you to the following events and public comment opportunities. Background about ECC and how to get involved can be found on the ECC web site and also in the winter Eastlake News, which is on-line by clicking here.  

Recently retired City Councilmember (and friend of Eastlake) Nick Licata speaks on “Take Power, Become a Citizen Activist” — Tues., Jan. 19 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall Seattle 1119 Eighth Avenue downtown ($5)  From long and distinguished experience (he was even the Eastlake Community Council’s insurance agent!) Licata has recently published Becoming a Citizen Activist.  He will discuss and illustrate meaningful tools (especially motivation, organization, and proper communication) anyone searching for justice can utilize to help create change in their community.  For more, click here.

Eastlake artist Patti Warashina speaks on “Oh, These Women (of Clay)” — Thurs., Jan. 21  7:30 p.m., at Town Hall Seattle 1119 Eighth Avenue downtown ($5).  In the past, ceramic art was associated with teacups and teapots, bowls and vases.  But for Patti Warashina clay is a perfect tool for figurative sculpture. She is best known for her squadrons of highly-animated women, figures enlivened by boldly colored clothing and evocative gestures. She’ll speak about the extent of her identification with the female figures she creates, the stories she weaves around them, and how they relate to the “real” world.  Find out more about her sources of inspiration, how the sculptures take form in her studio, and how her characters have changed over time.  For more, click here.

Public meeting on the City’s draft proposals for major changes in the City’s Comprehensive Plan and their possibly ruinous impacts on Eastlake — Tues., Feb. 9 7 p.m. at TOPS-Seward School, 2500 Franklin Ave. E. The City government proposes to force much more growth into neighborhoods like Eastlake while removing many of the current protections for our livability. Background and links, including ECC’s 12-page comment letter and the addresses of City officials, are on the ECC web site’s Comp Plan page.  Messages to the Mayor and City Councilmembers are urgently needed.

Public meeting on free or low-cost resources to help people stay and thrive in Eastlake — Tues., March 8 7 p.m. at TOPS-Seward School, 2500 Franklin Ave. E. First we’ll hear from two organizations that help elders and those with disabilities “stay put” for independent living in their own homes including home care, home repair, pet care, computer assistance, rides (to supermarkets, medical appointments etc.), and health advocacy.   Then with help from the Tenants Union, we’ll focus on the needs of those who rent.  We’ll conclude with a focus on the needs of residents in their 20s and 30s.  This meeting is still in planning, and you are welcome to suggest discussion topics or useful web links to info@eastlakeseattle.org.

Please circulate the above info to others.  For more about the Eastlake Community Council and how to help make and keep Eastlake a great place to live, work, and play:  http://eastlakeseattle.org.  To see or contribute photos of Eastlake scenes: http://instagram.com/eastlakeseattle.  ECC seeks a volunteer to help strengthen its Facebook and Twitter presence. Contact ECC at info@eastlakeseattle.org.


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