Blue Moon Burgers

Blue Moon Burgers

A Blue Moon burger
920 Republican Street
Seattle,WA 98109
(206) 652-0400
Mon-Fri:11:00 am–8:00 pm
Sat-Sun:12:00 pm–8:00 pm
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Seattle is experiencing a burger boom with everyone vying to become “Best Burger.” After a recent trip to South Lake Union’s Blue Moon Burgers,I discovered that the Seattle standby now ranks as one of my new favorites. They recently revamped their burgers and the result is an irresistible improvement.

Blue Moon’s burgers are always piled high with tasty toppings,but a great burger is determined by the basics—the meat and bun. As of February 1,Blue Moon is using local favorite Macrina Bakery’s brioche hamburger buns. They are light,pillowy and allow you to squish your burger into an edible size. Infused with lots of butter,they are divine and you will find yourself searching for every last crumb!
The ¼ pound hamburger patties use beef from Thundering Hooves,a family farm located in Walla Walla. The beef is hormone-free and 100% grass fed so you can feel good about eating “bad”! For the less beef inclined,Blue Moon additionally offers chicken breasts,veggie patties,salmon and turkey,

My most recent choice was the Blue Shroom Burger ($7.85). It boasted a flavorful,but not overpowering amount of bleu cheese and two toothsome strips of bacon. The highlight,however,were the grilled portabella mushrooms. Mushroom burgers are too often a sad experience of greasy,limp,gray mushrooms sliding off a bun. Blue Moon’s portabella mushroom strips are thick,flavorful and grilled firm enough to hold their own. Also,save room for the fries which are hand cut and crispy,but pass on the onion rings which are massively over-breaded.

There are nearly a dozen burgers plus the burger of the month (February is Mr. Dahl’s Sacred Cow,a veggie burger). You can’t go wrong with a basic Cheese Burger ($5.79) or Bacon Cheese Burger ($6.79),the Blue Shroom Burger ($7.85),or the Chili Cheese Burger with house-made chili ($6.79). Add fries ($1.79) or,if you’re not on a date,garlic parmesan fries ($2.89). Blue Moon’s famous Jalapenos Bottlecaps ($3.89),jalapenos with spicy buffalo sauce,are on the menu,too.
Check out Wednesday’s happy hour. From 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm,all burgers are half price with the purchase of a side or drink. During my trip,I was one of 20 people waiting in line at 7:30 pm,but the line moves fast without sacrificing quality.
Review by Deanna Duff

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