Eastlake Bar and Grill

Eastlake Bar &Grill

The Eastlake Bar &Grill menu
2947 Eastlake Avenue E
Phone:(206) 957-7777
Mon-Friday 11:00 am–1:00 am
Sat–Sunday 9:00 am–1:00 am
Happy Hour 3:00 pm–6:00 pm &10:00 pm–close
Ratings guide:
**** extraordinary
*** excellent
** good
* fair
Eastlake Bar &Grill claims higher standards than the typical American bar and grill. Upon entry guests walk into a warmly decorated and candle-lit atmosphere rather than a loudly bustling and cluttered sports bar—more like popping into a friend’s house to catch the game and enjoy some laid back service and rockin’ Lake Union views. Not to imply that the family is unwelcome. Patrons of Eastlake Bar &Grill range from locals to tourists,college students to seniors. Whether the sports on TV or the lights across the lake catch your eye,it is easy to settle in.
Breakfast,lunch,and dinner are served in this “neighborhood grill.” But perhaps the most eye catching menu is during Happy Hour when everything from finger foods,soups and salads,and even larger fare like a ¼ Pound Angus Cheese Burger cost between three and six bucks—save for the Caesar Salad with added grilled or blackened northwest salmon for $7.99—making it hard to feel guilty about ordering the most expensive thing on the menu when your date is picking up the tab. And if that doesn’t make a night out for dinner affordable enough,Wednesdays are Steak Nights from 6:00–10:00,with steak and fries for an unbelievable $5.00.
The full bar deserves a special sampling for the tasty microbrews they have on tap. You couldn’t be anywhere other then the coffee capital of the country with a Kona-infused beer-blend on tap—a uniquely perfect way to enjoy coffee and beer at the same time.
Based on a single sampling of the house steak,medium was a bit rare and chewing a strenuous endeavor. But here’s to hoping this was a fluke in a house where steak is a featured item. Burgers,sandwiches,seafood,soups and salads,and Mexican entrees are also available.
Coming from a Mexican food lover,the Camarones a la Diabla for $14.99 (one of the more expensive dishes on the menu),a plate of sautéed tiger prawns and mushrooms in a buttery,cheesy,spicy,full-flavored sauce,accompanied by your typical Mexican sides,turned out to be what you’d expect from any American restaurant serving Mexican cuisine. Requesting a lime wedge to add some pizzazz brought it closer to authentic Mexican flavors.
As far as this one night’s meal went,desert was the cherry on top of the cake—wait,make that Key Lime Pie. After biting into what at first seems to be cheesecake,sweetly tart lime bursts upon your tongue –something far too delightful not to leave room for.
All in all,while the food was average,the easy-going staff,cozy atmosphere,award-winning patios,and wall of windows makes Eastlake Bar &Grill a recommended and affordable spot for a relaxed meal in the heart of the city.
Review by Tina DeSchane

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