Letters to the Editor

I have to tell you I was disappointed by the “softball” interview with the UW representative regarding this issue. The story simply allowed the university to spread its propaganda related to this issue. We all know this is about catering to the wealthy and well connected, not creating a better “student experience”, yet your story would leave the reader believing that the students are perfectly happy with the situation. Why were there no interviews with “average” students? I know for financial reason you do not want to alienate a powerful player in the area covered by your paper, but if your paper is just going to be a cheerleader for the powerful and commercial interests in the area it will not be of much interest to the average reader.

Little old Marine Surveyor living on Lake Union—here! I had the opportunity to pick up a copy of Lake Union Beat and LOVED the stories and the feeling of the entire publication. Thank you, Thank you,
Red Skies at Night,

Dear Lake Union Beat Staff,
Congratulations on a beautiful premiere issue. From layout to stories, this first issue brought us LU folks a wonderfully sweet Valentines Day surprise.
May you flourish and prosper.
Skye Moody, Author

Dear Lake Union Beat,
I just got back in town from a long trip and someone showed me your publication. Just a quick note to say thank you for the Lake Union Beat and I will do what I can to support it.
Sometime we should talk about the neighborhood.
Brian Ramey

I very much enjoyed this wonderful animal story! I don’t always see this paper, as I am in the Wallingford area most, and live in the U-Dist. Can you bring papers there… say to the University Library or University YMCA on 50th and 12th?
Carol Meyer, wannabereader

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