City Light serves up South Lake Union art, electric

A line from Arne Pihl's poem for ALL RISE at the Denny Substation

At South Lake Union’s Denny Substation, Seattle City Light is merging electricity with art.

On a recent grey Tuesday morning, it looked like any old gravel parking lot. Those who’ve been around the historic Cascade neighborhood awhile will remember the spot as the old Greyhound bus station, but the bus station itself has now been razed, making way for Seattle City Light’s first new substation in 30 years.

The Denny Substation’s physical purpose will be to meet the growing electrical demands of South Lake Union, but it will also be serving another, more community-driven purpose. On Friday, the city’s Office of Arts and Culture announced ALL RISE, a year-long series of performances and temporary art installations at the Denny site, led by Portland, Ore., curators Meagan Atiyeh and Elizabeth Spavento.

Here’s the link to the rest of this fine piece.

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