Northwest Seaport Classic Workboat Show October 5

Classic Workboat Show 2013October 5 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Come aboard and explore working, historic tugboats, fishboats and workboats. Enjoy an exciting family-oriented day with maritime and marine professionals, demonstrations, and fun, food and drink.


The Northwest Seaport Classic Workboat Show is an exciting gathering of local Northwest workboats joining the Seaport’s floating fleet at Lake Union Park.


Visitors will be able to board select vessels, meet crew members, and feel the vibrations of idling marine engines during startups. Workboats may feature rare restored Atlas-Imperial or Washington Iron Works diesel engines, including Northwest Seaport’s own tugboat Arthur Foss, a National Historic Landmark.


Families are welcome at this maritime celebration featuring tugboats, fishboats, research boats and other classic workboats—some of which continue to work today.

The Northwest Seaport Classic Workboat Show opens to public upon sounding of ships’ horns and then engine startups, family-friendly demonstrations/activities will be throughout the day.


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