The best place to start a South Lake Union visit is at the center of it.

South Lake Union, as you’ll soon discover, does things a little differently. We have an entire building devoted to acquainting with you with the lay of the land. Here you’ll find a mini-museum devoted to the area’s history, loads of information on places you can buy or lease for living or doing business, and an amazing interactive model of the entire neighborhood. You’ll find something else at the Discovery Center that will make your shoe-leather visit to South Lake Union even more rewarding. It’s your own free SLU Card that opens the door to discounts at shops, restaurants, and events. As we said, it’s completely free, but the savings are definitely multi-digit.
The South Lake Union Discovery Center is located at 101 Westlake Ave. N, and is open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm (except holidays). Call (206) 342-5900 for more information.
Reprinted by permission from the SLU Discovery Center

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