Lake Union Beat gets prime South Lake Union Seattle Magazine Gig

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photo by Stuart Isett


We did a (we think) great spread on South Lake Union for their beautiful Best Neighborhoods issue…

South Lake Union: Best Seattle Neighborhoods 2013 ( Seattle Magazine). The new center of the universe (apologies to Fremont).

Ambition and energy permeate South Lake Union. It feels hopeful, forward thinking, exciting—a place where creative and brilliant people are working, in many cases, to better the world. But amid the bevy of new apartments, bakeries, restaurants, shops, coffeehouses, event spaces and more is still plenty of old Seattle flavor—rustic warehouses and Alaska-bound fishing boats. And isn’t that what the city is about? A place where skyscrapers meet the natural world, where one can (and many do) kayak and bicycle to work?

see the entire piece here!

by Peter Hansen

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