Seattle newspaper bestows official nickname on South Lake Union

image by studio/216

Amazon City

The Lake Union Beat officially bestows upon the world the new nickname for South Lake Union. Amazon City. Actually, the name has been in use by a senior relative of one of our writers for years, every time she ventured from her cozy suburban home to an arts event through the Mercer mess.

During a casual google search, assuming we’d find pages of “Amazon City” mentions relative to South Lake Union, we found little, if anything. So! We’re gifting it to the world.

If this seems cynical, we apologize. Neither we nor Grandma mean it as such. Obviously, we find South Lake Union, and Lake Union in general, to be a vibrant, progressive and multidimensional part of Seattle. Even without Amazon,  the Gates Foundation alone would make the neighborhood world-class, and there are many more of that caliber.

Also, much of the neighborhood in South Lake Union is cosmetically finishing up, and a stroll down Westlake from downtown to the lake (and the new spectacular MOHAI), is quite something. Especially on a crisp but dry holiday evening (as we found it this week), with the glittering seasonal lights and all of the (jawdropping) new bakeries, restaurants, shops, coffee houses, event spaces, salons etc.

And we’re especially impressed by the ambition of those involved in the mesmerizing transformations, and the way that energy permeates throughout the area. It feels hopeful, forward-thinking, exciting.  It feels like a place where creative and brilliant people are working, and where many of them are working to better the world.

All of that being said, it’s already out there so we’re just formalizing it:

The official Lake Union Beat nickname for South Lake Union is Amazon City!



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