Welcome to Seattle, The Netherlands

Yes of course that’s overstating it, but there’s no escaping the feeling in Seattle right now, that a huge social seachange has just occurred. Because it has.

Plus, we have streetcars.

While much of the country concentrated on the presidential election, Washington State almost quietly became the only place in the United States where both Gay marriage and marijuana are (essentially) legal.

Add that to the sweeping national Democratic victories in the Senate, and several other states voting to allow  gay marriage, and yes, there were literally fireworks over several Seattle neighborhoods.

For us here on Lake Union, the past year had already felt like a new era begun. We’ve witnessed the palpable energy and creativity of thousands of out-of-towners pouring into the area, the headspinning development announcements, and the progressive political commitments of several of our celebrity companies.

If you’re into this sort-of-thinking this thought might amuse you, but there is a sort-of sly irony that this, the bluest of cities in the bluest of states, has these social and political views but also near gold-rush opportunity for many hard working, ambitious and talented techies ( and others), and that so many superstar lefty billionaires/millionaires have come from here.

Seattle has always been entrepreneurial and pioneering.

Which gives me an idea. How about that upcoming Marijuana tourism industry we’re going to be having!?

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