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New Sci-Fi Novel Tells Story of Secrets, Lies, Betrayal, and Deception

Book Two of Rachel Tristan’s journey discovery of her own destiny

 PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Ryan disappeared after his twin brother Jared shot him in Denver. However, Rachel saw him again and he told her they still have a mission to save the world from the wrath of the Imperians. But Rachel is tired of all the secrets, the betrayal and the lies. She is tired of being part of the Protector and she is going to change all of that. She will have her revenge on them.

Deception written by Candy Coppola is book two in The Protection series, a science fiction novel about Rachel Tristan, an ordinary girl who discovered that she was a member of a secret and very powerful group who called themselves the Protectors.

Along her journey, she meets the Spellcasters, the Whispers and other interesting figures that will lead her to realizing her own destiny. Her search for the power of Adona also continues to drive her. It was something unexplainable, but something deep within pushes to see her mission through and it is something that wouldn’t let her turn away.

Deception is an exhilarating read that people of all ages will sure to enjoy. With elements of revenge, greed and power, this phenomenal book written by a sixteen year old author whose literary creativity is extraordinary will make readers definitely ask for more.

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About the Author

Author Carmela (Candy) Coppola is a seventeen year old high school senior whose second novel, Deception, is the sequel of her first work entitled Existence, published in 2010. Deception follows the “Protectors” characters introduced in Existence and explores their development based on an exaggeration of the author’s own personal experiences. In addition to her passion for writing, Candy is an accomplished musician, singer and composer. She is currently searching for a college which will combine her love for music with a strong business background so that she may realize her aspirations to own and operate her own music studio. During her free time, Candy plays soccer and lacrosse, and enjoys cooking for her family. She resides in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania with her parent with five siblings.

Deception * by Candy Coppola

Book II in The Protection Series

Publication Date: November 9, 2012

Trade Paperback; $19.99; 239 pages; 978-1-4797-0060-8

Trade Hardback; $29.99; 239 pages; 978-1-4797-0061-5

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