Seattle Named Best City For Hipsters

I moved to Seattle at age eleven so grew up thinking this eclectic mashup stuff was just how many Seattle people dressed and looked, never thought of it as a specific fashion really. Same with grunge and all that twenty years ago. It was just another example of what we wore up here.

Of course I’m right in midtown, surrounded by Capitol Hill and creative types and techies etc., but still. I shopped in vintage stores thirty years ago. I remember with fondness one of my prized jackets at age twenty one. It was a satin hot rod club jacket from the 1950s. El Monte Speed Club, it said.

So maybe that’s why Seattle was named by readers of Travel and Leisure magazine, ahead of Portland even! as the hipsterishest place around. We’re just naturally hip, and we didn’t even know it. Although we certainly do know now.

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