Funniest Press Release of the Week

We get inundated sometimes with these press releases, but by far the most entertaining are those from self-published authors.


New book pays homage to the power of love

Author Romay announces the release of new book, ‘Love Triangle’

HELSINKI – In her new book, “Love Triangle: Object of Desire” (published by AuthorHouse), author Romay delivers a powerful tale of rediscovering love.

“Trying to heal after being emotionally torn, it took much time and effort to build strength again, allowing me to come into my own and find a sense of identity,” writes Romay. “I had loved and lost, but having friends and purpose is what held me together.”

When the lead characters in “Love Triangle” find love on a cruise ship, they are thrust into a globe-trotting adventure.


An excerpt from the book:

“Get a grip!” I harshly informed her. “He is married to me and you’re invading our privacy. Do you not have any pride?” But uncontrollably she kept lashing at me so that I fell back. Her face was so angry that I wondered what was going to happen next. Her tall figure came towards me and her blond hair looked wild, as she became angrier. I heard my husband’s voice as he called out to her to back off. “Back off!” He called a second time and came to me. Looking up at him as he huddled over me, he pulled me towards him as I asked. “What is going on here?” Holding me against him, he assured me. “You all I’ll ever need. You’re the air I breathe and you are my life. Look at me.” he urged. Looking up at him, he comforted me. “The only thing that’s real is the way we feel, don’t you ever forget that.” Holding me tight he whispered. “Don’t you understand, even when you’re asleep I miss you?”


When asked of her book’s overall theme, Romay answered with glee. “Real love is alive and well!” she exclaimed, noting that her own beliefs in the power of love and romance were a big inspiration. “I am an old-fashion lover, always dreaming, believing and trusting in love.”


About the Author

Throughout her life, Romay has traveled extensively. She has lived an amazing life filled with thrilling experiences and incredible company.


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