Washington Has a Chance to Lead the Nation

Lake Union Beat says YES to Marriage Equality

A new SurveyUSA poll shows support for Referendum 74, the marriage- equality bill, to be at 56-38 percent in Washington. That’s quite an honor, to live in a state where a majority favor equality. Let’s keep the momentum going.

We will be the first state to arrive at this by popular vote, after 23 tries.  With the marijuana legalization bill also ahead in the polls, socially we’re trendsetting like the new California. Or are we already too jaded for that, living in a place where some major cultural seachanges have begun, over the past twenty years?

Our city can be insular though. Romney, astonishingly to many of us, has nearly half of the national voters behind him.  Let’s not lose sight that much of the country does not live in our cool Eurolaska neighborhoods. Let’s not get cocky.

But let’s Do It!

Yes on 74




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