Romney Campaign Over! Candidate has “Dead Zone” moment

Our Response to Romney’s reaction to the situations in Egypt and Libya

In the film version of Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone,” a candidate for president is revealed to be the cretin he really is, just before an election that polls showed him certain to win. Faced with an assassin at a rally, he instinctively grabs a baby on a stage and holds the infant in front of him to shield himself.

This is a metaphorical stretch of course; ┬átoday’s Romney moment was bad but perhaps not that bad. But the result will be the same. In the film the candidate is ruined, and he commits suicide shortly thereafter. It’s highly unlikely that Romney will kill himself over this blunder, but he has absolutely killed his chances to win the election.

Those of us perplexed as to why it’s difficult for many people to embrace obvious intelligent leadership, as Obama embodies, are convinced the blinders will now come off of multitudes of independents.

We’ve stated before that we feel Obama ranks with the greatest of Presidents, and we’ll state it even more emphatically now. ┬áHe is a good man as well as a great leader.

He’s like a reverse Emperor-with-no-clothes (as we used to call W), with the full wardrobe of intelligence, diplomacy, compassion, education, and patience.

Romney and Ryan by comparison seem like plastic Ken Dolls from the 1960s. Unfortunately, they’re the talking versions. Just pull the strings and they’ll say whatever they think they’re supposed to say, to win.

We suspect there will be a lot more “empty” chairs at their rallies from here on.


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Peter Hansen and Friends


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