Amazon Releases Renderings of Massive New Headquarters

New renderings of the massive new headquarters complex provide the clearest view yet of how the company’s proposed skyscrapers will change downtown Seattle. The latest renderings include photorealistic views of the towers that may be under construction next year. Altogether the project – the largest ever in downtown Seattle, and the largest metro campus of any tech company – may take four to eight years to complete.

Amazon’s architect, NBBJ, provided the new renderings for a city design commission meeting tonight.

Less detailed images first surfaced in March, ahead of the first design review.

As the review progresses, NBBJ releases increasingly detailed images that provide a better sense of how the buildings will look from the outside.

The complex includes three skyscrapers and a cluster of smaller buildings connected by walkways and skybridges. Although the towers are all roughly similar box shapes, they’ll use different types of glass and window patterns.

Here are new images from the filing, starting with the tower that’s expected to be built first, along Westlake Avenue next to the McDonald’s restaurant:


A view from the other direction, looking north, along Westlake:


The towers viewed from above:


There are multiple decks planned for the first tower, with distinctive landscaping that will provide a visual treat to passing helicopters:


Views of the second tower, at Lenora Street:

Amzn-Lenora, phase2.jpg

A future view along Sixth Avenue:


A future view along Seventh Avenue:


The tower above will sit on what’s now a Toyota dealership:

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