Revisiting the Amazon Am-Holes Debate Six Months Later

Last January after mysterious (and hilarious) posters appeared around South Lake Union, the city and neighborhood briefly debated the meaning of it all. We thought the debate was just kind of funny, since our take as native Seattleites is that some of the more .. um … earthy locals, often have their own am-holishness about  them.

Let’s Review:

Posters appeared all over the neighborhood:

The local media hops on it and the bloggers perpetuate it …

Funniness ensues… for example:..this post from Geekwire….

-I love it when the sensitive hippie posers get their hemp underwear in a bunch. I’ve lived here my whole life and remember when all SLU was a handful of car dealerships, warehouses and a smattering of small businesses that shut down after 5pm. The Quizmaster has obviously had his shadow stepped on and needs a hug and a scratch-n-sniff sticker that says “You’re Grape!”

Wow! Two of Seattle’s more predominate caricatures, the hipsters and the hippies, were battling it out!

Anyway, so that was six months and several national gun massacres ago. We wandered on down to South Lake today to get a pulse on how the hemp pantiewearers are handling what we’ve heard is a fragile but honored truce. And they do seem to be placated for the moment, buoyed and distracted by other issues of their concern, namely the pot legalization referendum on November’s ballot. The posters are all gone and we saw only one man who looked like he might be wearing hemp, but that was on his head and he was holding a bottle and pissing in an alley.

Meantime the most amholes we could spot  on the sidewalk together were 4, and one of those was a woman, which of course had us wondering what a female am-hole is called until we decided we shouldn’t go there. Maybe she counted as two?




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