Editors Note: Disingenuous right-wing passion against Health Care reform

The voluminous and spirited reactions from both sides today in response to the Supreme Court decision has us here at the Beat scratching our heads.

On one side are millions of people who feel suddenly less vulnerable, less cast-out, less forgotten by the so-called trickle down theories of the right. These people, whom for any number of reasons could not get health insurance before this new law, now have hope.

On the other side are millions of people seemingly shattered by the government’s insistence that those without health insurance will now pay up to $300 yearly as a “tax”. Most of these “disgusted” people will never pay that tax, they being the insured. In fact, it would seem those choosing to pay the “tax” instead of getting insurance are the very people the right-wing would leave hanging if the court had ruled otherwise.

Oh brother. It’s very hard for us  to sympathize  with those who cry foul whenever the govt “oversteps”, according to them. Especially compared with the joy and faith and relief countless families now have, assured that regardless of prior conditions, age, income etc, they too can join the ranks of the insured.

President Obama has made an indelible mark on history. We’d go so far as to say he ranks among the great Presidents now for masterminding this astounding and courageous societal sea-change.  Today’s ruling was a powerful affirmation that America remains a magnanimous and civilized nation.


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