South Lake Union’s boom! theater company announces new season

boom! theater company
New Works Festival, Phase 2
April 12th-May 5th

boom! theater company is just two weeks away from the opening of the second half our New Works Festival taking place at the boom! theater in South Lake Union from April 12th through May 5th. Offering 8 new works from within and outside the company as well as 2 living installations, any night at the theater will be completely different than the next. Take a look at what The Stranger had to say about the first half of our festival:

“The people of the boom! theater company are young and mostly Cornish grads, and both times I’ve attended their performances, the audience has been small—between five and maybe a dozen people, most of whom seemed to be friends with the actors. That would be sad if the work was lame. But boom! produces work that is funny and rambunctious and energetic, so the small houses feel like the fledgling moments of something promising, something Seattle just hasn’t discovered yet.” Anna Minard, The Stranger

 Check out the schedule below and mark your calendars now! Find out more on our pages on Facebook and Google+ as well as our website at

Have a great day and I hope to see you all there. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, et cetera.


Steven Ackley
Artistic Director
boom! theater company

* denotes boom! company member

boatcanoetubfloaty: Written by The Steve’s (Steven Ackley* and Ellen Elizabeth Steves*), Directed by Steven Ackley. Three brothers plan to take vengeance against their parents who abandoned them at sea when they were young. (50 Minutes)

Brilliantine Box: Written by Tracy Cahill*, directed by Nick Spinarski*. The Peculiar Voyage of Roderick Parr is a dreary children’s show about a little boy who’s brother pushes him out to sea in a box, as so many brothers would given half a chance. Young Roderick finds that the world is what we believe it to be when we allow ourselves to drift away. (50 Minutes)

: Written and Directed by Zach Nystrom*. Two men try to tackle and in turn meet the tallest woman in the world. (30 Minutes)

Mountain of Dreams
: Written and Directed by David Brown King. Three southern red neck relatives are interviewed about a piece of art one of them created that has made millions.

Sexy Coffee: Written and Directed by Heidi Korndorffer. Sexy Coffee, staring Heidi Korndorffer, is a one woman show depicting life as a scantily clad Barista here in Seattle. Inspired by true events, Heidi shares how working at a Sexpresso can be a dirty job.

: Written and Choreographed by Joshua Williamson. Two elite hitman come face to face at a bar in south downtown, only one will walk away with his life, an experiment with stage combat.

Over: exposed: Generated by That G! Theatre lead by Dani Prados. Materials: clay, box, sand, film, rope, man, woman.

Vitruvius: Written and Performed by Angus Maxwell*. Part performance part installation investigating the boundaries between the synthetic, the natural, and where human creation falls in the mix.


Vitruvius: Created by Angus Maxwell

The Dark Tower: Created by Robert Kompare*

Tickets, Schedule, Info:

Location: boom! theater is located at 429 Fairview Avenue North in South Lake Union. Just west of Fairview on Republican. Parking available.

Tickets: $10 first time you come, $8 anytime after. Bar open, drinks for 2 to 3 dollars.

Schedule: Doors open approximately 30 minutes prior to show time. ALL SHOWS AT 8pm.

– Thursday, April 12th: Mountain of Dreams, Vitruvius, Fight

– Friday, April 13th (Friday the 13th!):Open Gala and Party, no Performances

– Saturday, April 14th: boatcanoetubfloaty, Vitruvius, Fight

– Thursday April 19th: Brilliantine Box, Everest, Fight

– Friday April 20th (4/20!): Over: exposed, Mountain of Dreams, Vitruvius

– Saturday April 21st: boatcanoetubfloaty, Everest, Fight

– Thursday April 26th: Brilliantine Box, Everest

– Friday April 27th: boatcanoetubfloaty, Everest, Vitruvius

– Saturday April 28th: Brilliantine Box, Fight, Mountain of Dreams

– Thursday May 3rd: Sexy Coffee

– Friday May 4th: Over: exposed, boatcanoetubfloaty


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