South Lake Union Residential Real Estate Market Exploding

Amazon’s presence in South Lake Union has been well established and welcomed, with savvy new restaurants like Cactus and the Brave Horse Tavern, as well as other businesses, springing up in abundance over the past decade. With the influx of new employees moving to the neighborhood, the real estate market has seen an increase in sales, and nearly every condo listed during the past 6 months  under $1 million has sold. In fact, there has been only one condo actively listed for over one month, which happens to be a $2 million Full Floor space designed by famed architect Tom Dunig. With scarce availability and well qualified buyers, Amazon has helped put South Lake Union on the radar, as one of the first neighborhoods to see an increase in value for 2012. The majority of the SLU inventory has been sold, with only three condos available on the market at present; the Art Stable, and two  Veer Lofts located on 9th Ave.

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