Brian Fairbrother Bike Tragedy Leads to Safety Installation on Lake Union

SEATTLE — For people who ride bicycles in Downtown Seattle, there can be surprises around every corner. The Seattle Department of Transportation just got rid of one of those surprises right along Fairview Avenue, where tragedy created awareness and a solution.

The DOT installed posts on the sidewalk along Fairview Avenue to slow down bike traffic, because just past those posts are stairs, which can come as a surprise. Beloved local barista Brian Fairbrother died here in August, possibly because he didn’t know he was approaching those stairs. Fairbrother is the reason for the posts.

“We thought the posts would be a good idea,” said Dongho Chang with SDOT. “(They) provided some visibility, looks like eyes so they look around the street.”

There is a new sign too — anything to get the message across to slow down and be careful.

The posts are at both ends of the bridge right across from the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center. There’s also a bike path along Fairview. For whatever reason, on the day he died, Fairbrother was riding on the sidewalk instead of the bike path.

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