Grisly Discovery in Eastlake – Bag of Human remains found

A volunteer helping the homeless found a human leg bone and foot in a black plastic bag under the Ship Canal Bridge Saturday morning.

Heroes for the Homeless founder Tricia Lapitan said a group of three volunteers was in the 3100 block of Fairview Avenue East in the Eastlake neighborhood at about 10 a.m., walking in a wooded area, when one of them stepped on a plastic bag on a small hillside.

When the volunteer looked down to see what she had stepped on, she saw that it might be human remains.

“I guess it was from the knee down, and it was pretty decomposed,” said Lapitan.

She described the volunteer as “shocked” and said the three immediately left the area and called police.

The King County Medical Examiner took possession of the remains, and Seattle Police homicide detectives processed the scene, according to a police department spokeswoman.

Heroes for the Homeless delivers cold-weather emergency gear to the homeless. They were in the area Saturday with hand warmers, sleeping bags and other supplies to offer to homeless people living outside in the area.

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