Editor’s Note – Your Habeeb is Coming Too


Much of Seattle is rightfully aghast at the news of the deaths of the beautiful young couple Laura Sheard and Kristopher Martin, killed when rear-ended on Lake City Way this week. Reports that the driver of the vehicle that plowed into them, a Mr. Daniel Ray Habeeb, had been involved in a recent similar vehicular homicide, have provoked visceral responses.

My personal experience with this horrific story coincided with finishing a month-long marathon of viewing the HBO series “Six feet Under” on DVD. Almost needless to say for those of you familiar with the show, the senseless untimely death of this couple would have been par for the course for the writers of the program. Every episode began with the demise of somebody, often in bizarre and/or tragic fashion. But it wasn’t a sensationalist or even terribly violent show. Really it was a simple and beautifully done portfolio on how fragile life is and how it can, and will,  be taken from us at any moment.

Reading over the hundreds, even thousands, of comments on the newsites this week, it’s clear that while many of us are understandably furious that this guy was on our streets driving with a valid license, the arbitrary nature of the event has also shaken our instincts.

So, at the risk of seeming to sound a gentle alarm that we’ve all heard many times before,  I remind you to live for every moment, tell those whom you love that you love them, do the right thing, and make good choices.


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