New Eaglet On Union Bay!

We love! stories like this

This year’s eaglet is growing at a faster pace than last year’s eaglets. Not having to share your food appears to provide a big boost in calories. Check out the baby photos over at Union Bay Watch.


Lake Union Beat gets prime South Lake Union Seattle Magazine Gig

photo by Stuart Isett


We did a (we think) great spread on South Lake Union for their beautiful Best Neighborhoods issue…

South Lake Union: Best Seattle Neighborhoods 2013 ( Seattle Magazine). The new center of the universe (apologies to Fremont).

Ambition and energy permeate South Lake Union. It feels hopeful, forward thinking, […]

Amazon’s Urban Biospheres Give New Meaning to ‘Tech Bubble’

In case you doubted that the 21st century as envisioned by past generations’ pulp futurists had arrived, check out the biospheres Amazon has proposed to anchor its new Seattle headquarters.


With Help From Friends, Center for Wooden Boats to Have Busiest Summer Ever

New Lighting, PFD Storage Lockers, New Safety Boat Engines, and a New Wood Stove are just a few of the upgrades at CWB

 Seattle, WA   [May 22, 2013]    With help, both financial and in elbow grease, from a lot of friends and supporter The Center for Wooden Boats (CWB) is wrapping up […]

Sea History With MOHAI And ARGOSY CRUISES Partnership

Museum of History & Industry Partners with Argosy Cruises To Offer Historical Live-Narrated Cruise And Museum Visit Package SEATTLE – Sea History at the bottom of Lake Union and Lake Washington. It’s been estimated that there are 109 planes, 50 ships, a coal train and many other objects sitting at the bottom of Lake Washington. Who […]

Lake Union weekly Mercer Mess update

May 18-20, 2013

Be aware that Aurora Avenue North and Mercer Street will be closed where the two streets cross until 5 a.m. Monday for construction activity. Traffic from the north on Aurora Avenue will be detoured at North 85th Street. From the south, the detour starts just before Spokane Street. Mercer Street will close near […]

Eight Upcoming Projects Affected By South Lake Union Rezone

As expected, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a bill to allow rezoning in South Lake Union. Developers will now be allowed to build 400-foot-tall towers in a specific area and 240-foot-tall buildings in others.

There are a whole slew of projects in the queue that were waiting to find out just how high they could go, […]

Mercer Mess to Get Messier at South Lake Union

Drivers, beware.

A trip near Seattle Center will take five or 10 minutes longer for the next two years as work starts at the west end of the Mercer Street project.

The big change will be a new, two-way Mercer underpass beneath Aurora Avenue North. The six-lane boulevard will have sidewalks and a bike […]

Huge Fire On Lake Union

photo by M. Lowrimore

A fire at a north Lake Union research lab triggered a large response from the Seattle Fire Department and sent a plume of potentially dangerous smoke over Lake Union Saturday afternoon.