Welcome Seattle Marijuana Tourists!

We have a special interest in all that’s been happening on the marijuana front in Washington State, and that is the out-of-nowhere boost it’s already had to print publications. There is a remarkable burgeoning high-quality magazine (and other formats) industry catering to the growing interest in all things marijuana (If not the actual partaking […]

Katt Willams has South Lake Union Rampage

Who is Katt Williams? 

After weeks of news reports of his erratic, often violent behavior, stand-up comedian Micah “Katt” Williams capped off a weekend in Seattle with a short stay in King County Jail on allegations of obstruction, harassment and assault, according to Seattle police.


City Councilman Conlin supports South Lake Union rezone

Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin gave a generally glowing review of the proposed South Lake Union rezone in an interview with KUOW radio host Steve Scher this morning.

The alarming Dina Martina returns for the holidays


Dina will surely be the greatest star in the soon-to-be booming Seattle marijuana tourism industry. In fact, I gift this idea to you Ms Martina/Grady:

Your own marijuana cabaret club! Legions of new fans from all over the world will pack that sucker. I guarantee it! You’ll be like the Celine Dion/Vegas thing, […]

New Beat Hits the Stands



Our latest print issue is out! We’re in over 200 locations in all of the neighborhoods surrounding the lake, with most copies stacked in hotels, coffee houses, pubs, cafes, groceries, banks, bakeries etc. Of course, we don’t print nearly as many copies as the big alternatives in town do, so if your […]

New Susan Slater Cotter Strength Studio Now Open in Eastlake-Roanoke

Highly regarded local fitness figure Susan Slater Cotter has opened a beautiful new studio space at 2927 Fuhrman Ave east, next door to Canal Market.

Her brand of empathetic boot camp has drawn a solid following and several awards, and we wish her the very best.