Amazon Skyscraper Towers Approved

Seattle planners have approved’s proposed three-block high-rise office campus in the Denny Triangle.

Seattle newspaper bestows official nickname on South Lake Union

image by studio/216

Amazon City

The Lake Union Beat officially bestows upon the world the new nickname for South Lake Union. Amazon City. Actually, the name has been in use by a senior relative of one of our writers for years, every time she ventured from her cozy […]

Winter Feast Mobile Food Rodeo at North Lake Union/Fremont This Weekend


First Time In Winter! The alarmingly popular food truck rodeo gang will park fifteen trucks and a beer party on the north shore of Lake Union on December 2.

Hotel Proposed for South Lake Union Amazon Campus

A California hotel developer has filed preliminary paperwork with city planners to build a 15- or 16-story hotel in the middle of’s new South Lake Union headquarters campus.

New Beat Hits the Stands

Our latest print issue is here! We’re in over 100 locations in the neighborhoods surrounding the lake. Of course, we don’t print nearly as many copies as the big alternatives in town do, so if your local business is out let us know and we’ll re-stock them and send you a copy.


Welcome to Seattle, The Netherlands

Yes of course that’s overstating it, but there’s no escaping the feeling in Seattle right now, that a huge social seachange has just occurred. Because it has.

Plus, we have streetcars.

While much of the country concentrated on the presidential election, Washington State almost quietly became the only place in the United States where […]

Argosy Announces Christmas Ship Lake Union Schedule

2012 Christmas Ship Schedule

For more info call 206-623-1445.


Depart/Return: Lake Union Park  7:00 – 9:40pm CHOIR: Dickens Carolers 7:40-8:00 MOHAI (SLU) 8:30-8:50 Seattle Yacht Club

All the details are at:


Amazon Sellers Feeling Burned

Marge Belfry says Amazon never explained why it sat on her money and later ousted her scrapbook-supplies business.

For many small merchants, selling is an easy way to boost their business in a tough economy — if only they can get paid.


South Lake Union Hostess Bakery Closing with the rest of them

Hundreds of Hostess Brands employees in Washington lost their jobs this year as the company fought with unions. Now the company says it will liquidate its assets nationwide.

New Jimi Hendrix exhibit at EMP not to be missed