City Council Delays Eastlake Streetcar Study

Mayor Mike McGinn’s budget proposal for a $2 million streetcar planning study in the Eastlake corridor is running into resistance from the City Council.

Huge new sculpture on Mercer

SEATTLE— Last weekend Origami Tessellation 324.3.4 (Fractured) by Seattle artist Ellen Sollod was installed along the Mercer Corridor in the South Lake Union neighborhood.The sculpture – a 28-foot-tall cylinder of stainless steel – was placed in the median of Mercer Street at Boren Avenue North. The concept for the work is based on tessellations, the process […]

Bill and Melinda Gates Donate Half a Million Dollars to Gay Marriage Campaign

South Lake Union’s Gates Foundation and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, have donated $500,000 to the campaign to legalize gay marriage in Washington state.

The contribution – $250,000 from each of the Gateses – comes with two weeks left in the campaign season and is in addition to $100,000 that Bill Gates […]

The Choice is Clear

Sometimes when you find a piece so perfect – you have to share it!

(From the

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New Rules Might Sink Some Lake Union Houseboats.

The following is a piece from— we’re sure they didn’t mean it to be –but to us it’s fluff. We’re in the middle of preparing a story on what some (not all) floating home and houseboat owners do with their wastewater– and it’s certainly not as benign as some of the owners quoted here […]

Why I am voting for Obama










I was going to call this piece “Why I am Democratic,” since those reasons seem pretty etched in my soul. I grew up in the seventies and from a young age I’ve been exposed to, even part of, American groups of people under very […]

Meal Delivery Company Takes on South Lake Union Food Trucks

Dinosaur Takeout meal kit. Photo courtesy Earl Harper Studios.

Food trucks may be popular now but Brian Fraley says look out – food delivery service is the next big wave in meal management.

“It’s been a surprisingly new trend but you don’t read much about it. There are a lot of companies out there […]

Funniest Press Release of the Week

We get inundated sometimes with these press releases, but by far the most entertaining are those from self-published authors.


New book pays homage to the power of love

Author Romay announces the release of new book, ‘Love Triangle’

HELSINKI – In her new book, “Love Triangle: Object of Desire” (published […]

Seattle Restaurant Week Begins This Weekend into Next

10 days. Over 150 Restaurants. 3 courses for $28.

Dine out and celebrate the fall run of Seattle Restaurant Week (SRW), October 14-25, 2012 (excluding Friday, Saturday and Sunday brunch). More than 150 local restaurants are serving up three-course dinners for just $28* and many of them are offering three-course lunches for $15*.


Call for submissions: Inside Amazon

The Beat is looking for interesting, funny, secretive, inspiring?, informative etc. pieces involving working at, previously working at, life at, or dealing with, AMAZON. com —-Not looking for vendetta stuff, untruths,sour grapes etc. Also, not looking for sales and/or customer service experiences–Otherwise please write well and we’ll pay $15 each post used, if over a […]