Occupy South Lake Union begins Movement!

We’re not talking bowel movement here either! These Occupy South Lake Union Protesters have hunkered down at South Lake Union Park in protest. According to their spokesdog,Eddy, 99 percent of dogs in Seattle can claim some place outdoors to run and exercise, while these canines are relegated to condo hallways, playing lame versions of […]

Lake Union Beat Debuts Staff Writers’ Bookstore

Several of our staff members have written some alarmingly! fine stuff – so we’re posting content links as we get them. Do you want to contribute to the Beat and get in on the fun/action at the same time? email editor@lakeunionbeat.com

Final Draft – A Noir thriller set in the shady underworld of Hollywood. By Peter Hansen, […]

South Lake Union Food Trucks Suddenly Everywhere!

There’s even a great website now to track ’em.


A Dead Bird In Fremont

I’ve always been a pickup truck guy, and long ago I learned that meant you’re the go-to man when a friend needs something, well, picked up. For a brief period in my 20s I had a bumper sticker on one of my vehicles that read, “Yes, this is my pickup, NO I will not help […]

(Half) A Tree Grows In Fremont

A friend called the other day and asked if I’d help her build a temporary fence for her dog at her new house. Seems there was an issue with the neighbor, and since she’s the diplomatic type she thought she’d nip any tension in the bud. She has a very friendly but large Swiss mountain […]

Dispatch from Vashon Island. The Smokiest Man (Still) Alive.

The Smokiest Man (Still) Alive

The first time I came across the smokiest man (still) alive was in line for video rentals at the grocery store. Well, I wasn’t in line yet, as it was a long Saturday night line and it smelled like everyone there had bathed in an ashtray.

At first I thought […]

ZOMBIES DRINK FOR A GREAT CAUSE: Fremont Arts Council Named 2011 Beneficiary for Zombie Walk

This Fourth of July weekend, thousands of Seattle’s undead return to feed on brains and representing their Emerald City by shuffling their back into the history books to reclaim the Guinness World Record for “Largest Gathering of Zombies.” New Jersey currently holds the official record with 4,093 Zombies set back in October 2010. So get your […]

Dispatch from Bainbridge Island – Boat Trip

Dispatch from Bainbridge

There’s a popular refrain heard in most resort towns. It’s used by many locals whenever they are asked when they plan to get something done. For example, the car washed, a haircut, dental work, a job, a life, stuff like that.

The refrain goes something like this:


This is especially true […]

The Garbage Truck

Dirk is a former Navy Corpsman who served in Iraq during the early stages of our involvement there. Corpsmen are medics who often serve with the Marines, so Dirk saw a lot of action, much of it tragic. But he’s a positive-spirited guy and upon return to the states he settled back into a more […]

The Ring of Life

John and Jill were college sweethearts who often kidded about their names, just shy of Jack and Jill. There was sure to be an upcoming lifetime of jokes thrown their way, since they planned to be married, and had decided to give their kids J names too, like Joe, James etc. If you can’t beat […]