Letters to the Editor

I have to tell you I was disappointed by the “softball” interview with the UW representative regarding this issue. The story simply allowed the university to spread its propaganda related to this issue. We all know this is about catering to the wealthy and well connected, not creating a better “student experience”, yet your story […]

The Beat’s First Annual Bad Haiku Contest

We were inundated with hundreds of entries for this contest and most of them were very bad! In fact, we’d like to congratulate Seattle on having so many truly terrible poets. In addition to the very, very bad we received many gross submissions, and, sadly, some good stuff we couldn’t use. The following are the […]

Greetings from the Heart of Seattle

Editor’s Note Welcome to the first edition of the Lake Union Beat. As longtime lake lovers we hope to inform and amuse residents and workers, and tip the uninitiated to the joys and eccentricities of the unique communities surrounding (and even on) this hybrid body of water. It’s a place that is both a natural […]