Human Rights Campaign Celebrates Day One of Marriage Equality in Washington!

Today, a reminder of the imperative that all families be treated equally under the law

WASHINGTON – Today the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization celebrated the issuance of marriage licenses for gay and lesbian couples in Washington State.  After the passage of […]

After the Election: Republicans face a Pork in the Road

Huge Pork discovered right in the middle of the road for Republicans…..

New Rules Might Sink Some Lake Union Houseboats.

The following is a piece from— we’re sure they didn’t mean it to be –but to us it’s fluff. We’re in the middle of preparing a story on what some (not all) floating home and houseboat owners do with their wastewater– and it’s certainly not as benign as some of the owners quoted here […]

Washington Has a Chance to Lead the Nation

Lake Union Beat says YES to Marriage Equality

A new SurveyUSA poll shows support for Referendum 74, the marriage- equality bill, to be at 56-38 percent in Washington. That’s quite an honor, to live in a state where a majority favor equality. Let’s keep the momentum going.

We will be the first state to arrive […]

Memories of Mike Wang – Stories from those who knew him

(Do you have a Mike Wang story to share? Please email

They’d ask me why the people in my photos weren’t smiling.  I’d tell them it’s ‘cause they’re not happy.  I just got the picture.

–  Mike Wang; on colleagues’ responses to some of his documentary photography work


Editor’s Note – Your Habeeb is Coming Too


Much of Seattle is rightfully aghast at the news of the deaths of the beautiful young couple Laura Sheard and Kristopher Martin, killed when rear-ended on Lake City Way this week. Reports that the driver of the vehicle that plowed into them, a Mr. Daniel Ray Habeeb, had been involved in a recent similar […]

Mike Wang Hit and Run Driver Still at large

In the past few days there’s been much publicity about the recent bike deaths on Lake Union. We’re reposting this piece about Mike to remind readers that the driver of the vehicle still remains unidentified, and that Mike was also much loved, and left behind a family and many friends. Editor’s Note Regarding the Hit and […]

Fairbrother memorial will march from South Lake Union Vivace to Volunteer Park

All are welcome! Join our community Vivace Espresso is inviting you to join a memorial march for Brian Fairbrother on Tuesday, September 13th. The event will start at his workplace, the Vivace coffeehouse next to the REI store in South Lake Union, continue at the crash site and then at a picnic at Volunteer Park. Someone […]

Danny Westneat On South Lake Union: A barely noticed boom


South Lake Union’s barely noticed boom

Years after a huge political and cultural battle over whether to convert a worn-down part of town into a sort of loft for the creative class — and after we kicked out the mayor who staked his career on it — an early verdict is in on South Lake […]

Editor’s Note Regarding the Hit and Run Death of Mike Wang

Much of the purpose of a community newspaper is community support, and since we were very saddened by the news of the death of a beloved local figure last week in a bicycle accident, we’ve decided to print the following letter to us in its entirety.

 Dear Editor,

I was referred to Lake Union Beat by Noelle […]