Ask The Universe

Dear Universe,

Sometimes when I see a guy from India I automatically start thinking with an Indian accent. In fact, as I write this I am reading it back to myself with a heavy Indian accent, like a caricature.

Is this racist?



Dear R,

Well, aren’t you  “celebrating” the new marijuana law […]

Ask The Universe

Dear Universe, I’m a late 40s male who only recently started to wear baseball caps. I know I know, I’m decades late, but I really liked using gel and hats never really worked for me until I got older. They always fit funny or made me look like a duck or something. Anyway, now I’m […]

Ask The Universe!

Dear Universe, I’m 53 and a survivor (barely) of two marriages. The greatest love in my life right now is my dog, a big fluffy Golden Retriever. My friends and family think I am crazy that I am not actively looking for (yet another!) mate. Some say it’s unhealthy for me to be content just […]